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After getting his BS in Construction Management at Washington State University, Darrell spent the first 11 years of his career with one of the largest mechanical contractors in the country. In 2003 he seized the opportunity to join the S2 Industrial team and partner with former coworker, and longtime friend, Doug Walker. Focused on several company functions ranging from business development to securing and managing projects, Darrell’s tenure with S2 is marked by steady growth and increased client base. He understands that the key to successful projects and repeat business, where the company’s reputation lies, is in the field. Darrell is proud of S2’s core crew and enjoys mentoring craft supervisors in the management aspects of construction.

  • Chad Kordon - S2 Industrial

Chad has 22 years progressively responsible experience in the piping trades. He started in the industry as a pipefitter/welder. He has been with S2 Industrial for over 14 years is now an accomplished project manager/coordinator for our company. His ability to work with owners, engineers, and GC’s along with his knowledge of the trade itself in dealing with our foremen and crews is invaluable.

  • Mike Barrowcliff - S2 Industrial

With over 20 years’ experience welding just about every material used in the piping industry, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to our fabrication facility.  In addition, he is continually researching new processes looking to implement one’s that make our pre-fabrication efforts more efficient.  He’s able to work with BIM modeling teams directly to resolve questions during the process; his efforts in that regard have saved time and money on projects numerous times.

At S2 Industrial her roll is that of company controller. Her responsibilities include: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax compliance, and insurance compliance. She is the conduit between our firm and our CPA, Corporate Attorney, and liability and workers compensation insurance providers.

Field Supervision