Mechanical Contractor In Aurora, OR

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

If there is one profession that elicits a lot of confusion amongst the public, it is that of mechanical contractors. Often mistaken for plumbers, mechanical contractors are in fact versatile professionals that are crucial in the design and function of buildings. Mechanical contractors design, install and maintain various devices and processes that are important for the function of buildings. These include HVAC systems, boilers, chilling systems, hydraulic systems and even process systems that involve the transfer of fluids. These professionals often work on commercial projects and are rarely found on residential projects. We, S2 Industrial, are a mechanical contractor Aurora businesses trust for quality and efficient services. Get in touch with us for assistance with your next project.

Is a Mechanical Contractor the Same as a HVAC?

For a long time, mechanical contractors have been equated with plumbers. This is understandable. Mechanical contractors can do many of the things that plumbers can do. However, plumbers are specialized in plumbing only. Mechanical contractors can do that and much more.

Mechanical contractors are actually a jack-of-all-trades. We at S2 Industrial are an industrial mechanical contractor Aurora businesses turn to for assistance on a wide range of projects. We have extensive experience working on a wide range of projects including large scale HVAC, plumbing, ductwork, electrical and gas work and many more. We work with our clients and other contractors to design and install the building’s systems. Once the building has been completed, our team will work with the property owner or manager to repair and maintain these systems in the long term.

We also provide the Following Services:

  • Process piping
  • Shop pipe fabrication
  • HVAC systems
  • Equipment setting/rigging

Why S2 Industrial is the best choice

If you’re searching for a commercial mechanical contractor Aurora businesses trust for the best results, look no further than S2 Industrial. We continually strive to provide our clients with the best systems and highest quality of craftsmanship. You can rely on us for a system that will last for years. When you choose us, you can be sure of:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Reliability
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions

We know that the systems we design and install are the lifeline of many businesses. We strive to ensure that our clients will get the best designs and results to meet their needs in the long term. Our team is committed to forging strong long term relationships with our clients. We will ensure that you have the best experience every time you seek our services. Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Life in Aurora: A small town with a historic feel

When it comes to small towns, few are as tiny as Aurora, OR. This city began as a religious commune back in 1856 and was named by the founder, William Keil. When incorporated in 1893, it was still home to only a handful of settlers. The entire town encompasses less than half of a square mile. Today, about 1,000 people call it home. The population is divided evenly between men and women.

Even though only a few people actually reside here, home values are higher than in other parts of the state. To purchase a property, buyers should expect to pay about $345,000 for a single-family home. Rentals go for about $1,400, but with nearly 80% of the city comprised of homeowners, finding a rental property is a tedious task.

Household incomes in Aurora are higher than in other parts of the state, with the average family bringing in about $71,000. The majority of working professionals are employed in the education sector. Teaching for the public-school system is very popular. Careers in sales are also abundant in the area.

While many people assume a city the size of Aurora doesn’t have much to offer, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The town is the first registered National Historic District in Oregon. Visitors can learn about the history of the area at the Old Aurora Colony Museum. The Aurora Colony Visitors Association is another must-see for tourists.

Strawberries are also a big deal in Aurora. The Old Aurora Colony Strawberry Social takes place every June. This event features lots of live music, arts and crafts, and all the strawberry-inspired desserts you could ever eat. Fill your stomach with fresh cobblers, jams, and shortcakes during this popular celebration. Residents of all ages are welcome to attend. Although the city may be small in size, the historic appeal and close-knit community make it an excellent destination for those looking to move to the state.