Industrial Mechanical Contractor Shadowood

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Are you planning the construction of a commercial or large building? Do you want to refit a building to support manufacturing processes? You will need the services of a mechanical contractor Shadowood trusts. We at S2 Industrial are just that. We work in just about every industry to install, maintain and repair mechanical systems. These include HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration and piping systems. We are a full service mechanical contractor. We’ll take you from the design of your building’s mechanical systems to their installation and maintenance. Get in touch with us now to learn more about what we can do for you.

Is a Mechanical Contractor the Same as a HVAC?

Many people often confuse HVAC contractors with mechanical contractors. HVAC contractors specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling equipment. However, an industrial mechanical contractor Shadowood service will meet a wide range of needs. At S2 Industrial we provide services for the design, installation, repair and maintenance of a wide range of mechanical systems including HVAC systems, plumbing, refrigeration systems and electrical systems. We are your one stop shop for all mechanical systems that a building could need.

We also provide the Following Services:

Process piping

We work with a wide range of manufacturing facilities in different industries to provide them with the pipework they need to support their processes. We’ve assisted manufacturers in the design, installation and maintenance of sanitary piping, pneumatic systems, process gas and fluid, steam and condensate systems, systems for specialty gases as well as closed and open loop water systems.

Shop pipe fabrication

We are experts in shop pipe fabrication. We prefabricate piping in a controlled environment to save our clients time and ensure better results. Our fabrication services include fabrication of structural supports, skip piping, commercial HVAC systems, industrial process and sanitary systems.

HVAC systems

We are an industrial mechanical contractor Shadowood service with extensive experience in installing HVAC systems in industrial and commercial settings. We’ve performed services for the installation and maintenance of boilers, chillers, heating and chilled water piping, hydronic equipment and steam and condensate piping.

Equipment Setting/Rigging

We are a mechanical contractor Shadowood trusts for quality craftsmanship. You can trust us for the design and installation of equipment rigging or setting regardless of the size, weight or sensitivity of your equipment.

Why S2 Industrial is the Best Choice

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Reliability
  • Environmentally friendly

Luxury Rural Living in Shadowood

With only about 64 residents, Shadowood is a very small, rural community located in Clackamas County. It shares a zip code with West Lynn. The village was built on either side of a ravine, and it features beautiful wetlands. Investors first designed the community back in the 1920s, and it features many different recreational retreats. The original homes in the area were custom log cabins, and although they remain, several more modern structures can also be found throughout the neighborhood. Most of the residents live in the city for years. Some even pass their homes down to future generations.

Home prices in Shadowood are on the higher end of the spectrum. The median price for an existing home is $680,000. Most of the homes currently standing were built between 1970 and 1999, although a few of the original cabins can still be found. Some builders have sought to revive the neighborhood, and it’s possible to buy new construction in the area, especially if you choose to work with a custom architect.

Nearly all of the community’s residents own their homes. Rentals are tough to find. Although many people want to live in this cozy town, homes rarely enter the market. When they do, sellers get offers almost immediately. Bidding wars often occur. Because of this, home prices are expected to continue rising over the coming years. Real estate in Shadowood is definitely a seller’s market.

Residents of Shadowood tend to be highly educated and quite wealthy. In fact, no one in the area lives below the poverty line, making the community one of the most affluent in the country. Many of your neighbors are hard-working executives who commute to the big city each morning for work. The average commute for residents is 15-30 minutes one way. It’s also common to see school-aged children in the neighborhood. While there isn’t much to do inside the community, it’s easy to travel to larger cities for entertainment.