Custom Pipe Fabrication In Eugene

What is Pipe Fabrication?

Are you searching for pipe fabrication in Eugene? Pipe fabrication is the process through which pipes and pipe components such as elbows, flanges, and tees are welded and engineered into piping systems to meet the specifications and requirements of the particular project. This highly critical activity is necessary to meet the highly specific requirements of different construction projects. It is an activity that requires a high level of precision. Depending on the project and its requirements, the process may involve hundreds of piping components and thousands of intricate steps.

We, S2 Industrial, are a leading pipe fabricating & supply co in Eugene that construction contractors trust for the best results. We are experts in fabricating piping systems using different materials and for varied applications. We use a wide variety of fabricating techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and computer applications to ensure safety and quality. We are committed to providing the best performance in piping systems. If you’re in need of custom pipe fabrication services in Eugene, we’re the team to call.

Where Does Pipe Fabrication Take Place?

We offer customers flexibility with our pipe fabrication in Eugene. Depending on the size, scope, and requirements of the project, our team can provide pipe fabrication services on site or in our shop. Some of the factors we consider in determining the site for fabrication include:

  • the weather
  • availability of support personnel on site
  • piping materials required for the project as well as their dimensions
  • scheduling and collaboration amongst trades involved in the project
  • availability of welding facilities and other resources
  • accessibility
  • safety
  • environmental and quality control requirements
  • existence of piping systems on site

What are the Types of Piping Fabrication?

We offer two types of custom pipe and fabrication services in Eugene:

  • field pipe fabrication
  • shop pipe fabrication

There are several factors considered in determining whether piping will be fabricated on site or at our shop. However, in general, items such as threaded and socket welded pipes as well as small-bore pipes are often fabricated on site. However, activities such as pipe bending and the fabrication of butt-welded pipes and modular items are done at our shop.

We use high quality weld to spool assemblies for items that are fabricated at the shop. These items are carefully labeled and transported to the site where they can be installed.

What’s involved in The Pipe Fabrication Process?

Our custom pipe fabrication process in Eugene varies depending on the item being fabricated. We manufacture and assemble pipes and fittings to meet the specifications and spool drawings provided. The fabrication process includes:

  • Marking and Tagging – materials are marked and verified. They are then tagged or stamped
  • Cutting – Pipes are cut in accordance with design specifications
  • Preparation – this involved beveling and fitting
  • Welding and fitting – Pipes are positioned and welded
  • Detail marking – pipes and components are inspected and marked
  • Heat treatment – pipes and components undergo preheating
  • Inspection

Tools and Equipment Used for Pipe Fabrication

We use a wide variety of specialized equipment to ensure efficiency, accuracy and safety in our custom pipe and fabrication services of Eugene. Our equipment includes:

  • Pipe purging equipment
  • Pipe fit up tools
  • Pipe jacks
  • Flange alignment tools and pins
  • Chain clamps
  • C clamps
  • Adjustable pipe rollers
  • Compass marker
  • Contour marker
  • Center punch
  • Pipe rigging and transport equipment
  • Grinder
  • Fork lift
  • Pipe threader
  • Pipe bending machines
  • Wraparound tapes
  • Hydraulic crane
  • Tower crane and many more

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